STEYR CVT SMATIC V1.5.0 / FS19 Tractors


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STEYR CVT SMATIC V1.5.0 / FS19 Tractors
STEYR CVT SMATIC V1.5.0 / FS19 Tractors

Authors:Modell: Urmodell Traktor Case CVX 175: BJR Modding; LS17 ready by Jocker Modding; Motorhaube: CebuljCek Modding; Umbau auf Steyr CVT 6140 by STEYR Modding Team, Siloking + Grimme Terminal (forbidden-mods//Bremi456) Textur: BJR Modding, CebuljCek Modding, STEYR Modding Team, Siloking + Grimme Terminal (forbidden-mods/Bremi456) Script: Giants Software, Manuel Leitner (SFM-Modding) (IC Controll Skirpt), LS19 ready; Rolnik410 Karas Proxim Svitch

FS19 tractors mod description – information:
Description:This time it is the Steyr CVT 6175 SMatic, the Converted / Revised Steyr CVT 6140 SMatic
Version LS17.
Version 1.5.0 Steyr CVT SMatic- Engine configuration: 6140 CVT (141 hp), 6140 CVT Chipt Tuning (185 hp)- wiper animation (rear) revised- Added local
Version (extra buyable)!! CAUTION !!ONLY intended for standard tires!- added snow chains (communal)(As Bais serves the Case CVX by BJR Modding). The V1 was already released in FB, so here we V1.1.0 so the update released.Info / Data to the original:Engine: Sisu (6.6l 6 cylinder) with turboDriven: Steyr CVT (Stepless) transmission, 50 km / hYear of construction: 2007Dead weight: 6769kgPerformance: 175 hp (200 hp with
power Plus)Tank capacity 310lNow to the model:It’s not perfect but it’s fun to drive :)Digi Tacho, Digi RPM display, DL, Tank, Tempaeraturanzeige animated / illuminatedAckerschiene installedDL-conditioningHauer XBionic FL console installedyellowish illumination (2x button F), working light front / rear (including LED) (button NUM 5/6)Windscreen wiper animated (in rain)seat suspensioncab suspensionConnection pants ready (front / back)swing axleMotor confi. 6175 CVT (175 hp), 6175 CVT with
power Plus (200 hp), 6195 CVT (195 hp), 6195 CVT with
power Plus (216 hp)Year 2007Gear sound from Steyr Profi CVT (LS19 Game) added50 km / hstandard tireswide tires2x RUL installedFH + FZ permanently installedWe wish you much joy and fun with the mod :)MfG yoursSTEYR Modding Team(unkwnon000, steyrmodder, Domi, John)

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