STEYR PROFI CVT V1.4 / FS19 Tractors


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STEYR PROFI CVT V1.4 / FS19 Tractors
STEYR PROFI CVT V1.4 / FS19 Tractors

Authors:Modell: Giants Texturen: Giants function: Giants Changes: ASSASSIN

FS19 tractors mod description – information:
Description:This is the SteyrProfiCVT of Giants but slightly changed.1.0What has been done:Aloe front loader console added9 Trelleborg configuration added1 Communal configuration added9 Michelin configuration added5 Mitas configuration addedEngine configuration with 162PS.187hp added1.24115 CVT with 145 + 149 hp engine configurations added4125 CVT with 155 + 162 hp engine configurations added4135 CVT with 169 + 173 hp engine configurations added4145 CVT with 175 + 179 hp engine configurations added6145 with 175 + 190 hp engine configurations added1.3Engine
power ingame adjustedBowe widening attached at the back1.4Hauer console addedFront loader protection addedColour choice addedStarfire3000 addedCVT decal addedLOG is error free

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