STRAIGHTENING MOD V0.1.5.0 / FS19 object


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STRAIGHTENING MOD V0.1.5.0 / FS19 object
STRAIGHTENING MOD V0.1.5.0 / FS19 object

Authors: Modell: Giants Textur: Giants Script: Idee / Konzept: Unique alias Stax92

FS19 object mod description – information:
Description: This mod is purely for lowering / raising the terrain in the game or to change the texture.
Sizes (
Size) in: 5x510x5 (gravel) / asphalt / concrete (congrete) / dirt (dirt) / sand) Ideal forPaths / Perfect for building roads10x1020x2040x4080x80120x120Multiplayer support / Dedi server not testedFolder cleaned /log cleanNew objects / new objectsMod will continue as BETA because there are many options leftHave fun Unique stax92Sharing only with original linkThe blocks show you the
Size of the object.If the object is set it will be deleted and you will get a flat surface with asphalt texture.This mod is not a must but I think it is a relief to build his yard on uneven surfaces.The mod is still in BETA statusObjects are from giantsHave fun with it

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