SUTTON FARM V1.0.0.0 / FS19 map


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SUTTON FARM V1.0.0.0 / FS19 map
SUTTON FARM V1.0.0.0 / FS19 map

Authors: WBF Giants Robbie Petorious oxygendavid

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Sutton Farm, Suffolk, UK.Sutton Farm is based on a real location in the county of Suffolk, United Kingdom. The map is a 2x full-scale map and has a huge amount of woodland which brings it a natural feel. It also includes a very large outdoor pig unit which is able to hold 1200 pigs. It is made up of 4 different Pig Paddocks which each have water, food, straw, slurry and manure points (Each paddock holds 300 pigs) There are also 2 Large Pig food storage silos. Each one can hold up to 40tons of Pig feed which will be very helpful when owning a large number of pigs.The map includes:1 grain sell point.1 BGA.1 Vehicle shop.1 General shop (Seed, fertilizer, Pig Food, and Lime buy points. Wool and woodchip sell point).1 Livestock Buy/sell point.2 farms.1 Full Size Outdoor Pig Unit.Starting equipment and land.Animated Objects.Working missions.All farms are set as placeables so if you start on “New farmer” You get Two farms, A true to life outdoor Pig Unit, land and starter kit. If you start on either “Farm-Manager” or “Start from scratch” You only get money, no farms, no land, and no starter kit. So you must build your own farm.

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