Telegraph Pole Kit for map makers v1 / FS19 object


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Telegraph Pole Kit for map makers v1 / FS19 object
Telegraph Pole Kit for map makers v1 / FS19 object

Authors: FS-UKGiantsRWModding

FS19 object mod description – information:
Description: I have tried to capture the look of a British style telegraph pole, and there seemed to be a few variations so decided to roll with this
Version, also aiming at giving as many variations as possible, to make this a one only needed kit for map makers, and still have a varied look around their map.It has quite a few pieces inside, so as always once downloaded and have a look before going ahead and placing.IMPORTANTI would advise once in your map, place it in a transform group and name it ?telegraphPoles?, then duplicate this model straight away and rename the top one ?untouchedTelegraphPole?, this is very important and will save you from re importing the kit if any mistakes are made.Once you have done the above, before removing any of the pieces from the second telegraphPole, diplicate this also and move it to the next position, making sure to line the wires up the best you can to make adjusting the wires for height easier. Once the second pole is moved you can then go back to the first and make it look the way you require, by removing pieces not needed, then simply click on 1 of the wires and rotate it on the ?Y? axis until lined up with the second post, once happy copy the figure in the rotateY with left CTRL and C, now click on another wire that needs adjusting and highlight the rotateY and left CTRL and V to paste the same coordinates into that wire, continue this for all wires until completely happy.Hope you enjoy the kit and have just as much fun, as I have making it.

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