TERVALEHTI_MULTIFRUIT V1.0.2.1 / FS19 map to download


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TERVALEHTI_MULTIFRUIT V1.0.2.1 / FS19 map to download
TERVALEHTI_MULTIFRUIT V1.0.2.1 / FS19 map to download

Authors: Model: FSClub-FIN ModdingTeam Texture: FSClub-FIN ModdingTeam
Script: FSClub-FIN ModdingTeam Idea / Concept: FSClub-FIN ModdingTeam Testing: FSClub-FIN ModdingTeam Other: FSClub-FIN ModdingTeam

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Hello That is new version this map.Version map textures were changed to suit the seasons. Grass, bushes, etc. Changes color in autumn and turns green again when spring comes. Thanks to all the players and I wish you a lot of fun in Tervalehti map.FSClub-FIN Modding25 fruits82 fields and large forest areaFixed all triggersfixed texturesand many other problems fixed.some problems could not be fixed yet. for example, the map does not work on the server yet. Because some of the triggers remain uncharged. the internal multiplayer works yes.fixed all Animalhusbandry. It work allVersion need nev savegameIf you want to save and continue with the old recording. Do the following. Make a new recording and move the files shown in the picture to the old recording. This should work.Have a fun.

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