TOWLINE 3D / FS19 Implements and Tools


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TOWLINE 3D / FS19 Implements and Tools
TOWLINE 3D / FS19 Implements and Tools

Authors:Model: balogh2003 Script: Stefan Geiger, Giants, PrezesZiaroo Textures: PrezesZiaroo FS 15: PrezesZiaroo FS 19: PrezesZiaroo

FS19 Implements and Tools description – information:
? 3D animations (The rope is swinging, it can be bent, just like real!)? You can move it? Has the catch 2 of the vehicle on the ?X? key? You can hook the front and back of the cable under one hook!? The rope no longer stretches, it does not break! As in previous versions of FS!? Has collisions? On some maps it can fall under the ground, map fault!? Has 0 errors in the log!? It can be transported from the rear of the tractor!? You can not drive on the Lines or drive another vehicle on it!? The red color indicates the place of hitching of the vehicle that is towing.? Lina fits perfectly with the MP game!? If the rope is not in the range of the towing vehicle, click the ?Z? button to automatically attach.? The rope is very polished! Everyone will like each other!? There are no errors! If it does not work, know that it is the fault of another modification!

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