Varvarovka v 1.0.1 / FS19 map


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Varvarovka v 1.0.1 / FS19 map
Varvarovka v 1.0.1 / FS19 map

Authors: polyakdemon,Aleksey Potanin

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: The map “Bar” will transfer you for a good 60-70 years. When entering the village one can see the ?CLABA KPCC? sign in large red letters. In many places of peace, the child is beaten, which is only reproducible. Despite the 60s, the accent in all parts of the wood is electric, and the railroad is just as bad. LOCATION is not very large, it is occupied nearby: fields, accommodation, transport. SPECIFICATIONS OF THE CARDS: – Amplification and complacency of all kinds of paraphernalia. – in a lot of perks. In general, the road is good for every trip, anyway, and cover it with cracks and chocks. – The hostel of each village house is a gardener. – 41 fields of various sizes. – Russian traffic. Changes v1.0.1: – Fixed bugs – Fixed trigger on oil extraction plant – Added lighting on the windows at night – And much more You need to start a new game !!!

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