VOLVO VNL 670 ATS (UPDATE FEB 25) 1.2 / American simulator Truck mod

ATS truck mod description:
Description: Changelog v1.2v1.2-Added,*Half Fenders(Standart, Chrome and Skinnable/Paint)*Side Mirrors(Chrome, Paint, Plastic)*Main Mirrors(Chrome, Plastic, Skinnable/Paint)*Seperated left/right Bonnet Mirrors(3 types) *Bug Shields(Chrome, Glass, Plastic/Skinnable)*Headlights(Chrome, Plastic, Skinnable/Paint)*Windows Decals(Windshield and side windows)(Thanks to ohaha for the material)*Bottomgrill and sidebar(Paint, Chrome, Without bar)*Slots on rear bumper(4 variations, old reverse and combo lights added as an accessory)*A roofgrill without the bar(25+ slots)*Sideskirts(Long, short with tanks and with chrome stripes)*Back cab slots*Front Bumpers(With/without fog lights and plastic/chrome stripe)*Front/Back Licence Plate Holders(Light/Nolight and WOT/Custom variants)-Added 4 new standalone interior with reworked materials.-The dashboard is real HD now, every tiny piece on the dashboard texture made from scratch.-Added some missing indicators.-Reflection of the dashboard glass reduced, thanks to Smarty.-Dynafleet and tachometer buttons and screens have backlights now.-Added new sounds of Volvo, Caterpillar, (even if the Volvo don’t have a Cat engine, the sound is nice), Paccar, and Cummins N14 by Kriechbaum.-Edited gear boxes and engines with proper and realistics values and prices by Kriechbaum.-Added new d13 and d16 engines with stock sounds from VNL780, thanks to Nado.-Made the revometer accurate (rpms) by Kriechbaum, thanks.-3 new lowered chassis with proper collisions and shadows.-Fixed overall collisions.-Reworked front grill logo.-All flares and lightmasks fixed/reworked.-Added interior cabin light(Press “O”)-Added VNL670 sidelight as an accessory, so you can use it on other slots.-Added some more accessories from ohaha’s mods, thanks.-Trailer hook point lowered a bit, again.-Proper workshop icons(Thanks to ETS2Studio) and interior views of accessories.-A lot of mesh, texture, def fixed.-Reworked templates.

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