VOLVO VNL TRUCK SHOP V1.4+ (BSA REVISION) FOR ATS V1.32 / American simulator Truck mod

ATS truck mod description:
Description: Volvo VNL 300, 430, 630, 670, 730, 780, VT 830, 880Volvo VNL truck mod for ATS v1.32.xIts own tuning.Volvo dealership.Painting support, including metallic.Advanced Coupling System support.DLC Steering Creations Pack support.ATTENTION!: Before adding this mod to the game, you have to sell all the Volvo VNL trucks from previous version of the mod and save your profile! Then you must disable the related version in the mod manager and activate this version! Then load the game and buy the truck again, provided that you want to use your old save. Otherwise you will meet crashes of the game, because of too many new things in this mod, including changes in the registration! If you start a new profile, no manipulations with the mod will be required.Any complaints about game crash when not performing the above mentioned actions will not be considered!chashkin23BSA Junk Yard Revision notes:- The mod based on Volvo VNL Truck Shop version 1.4 for ETS2;- Updated: up to v1.4.3 mod by chashkin23 features;
– Fixed: multiple fixes;
– Added: trailer cables, warning flags, front banners for all the bumpers, VT830 cabin, 8×4 chassis for VT830 cabin (Warning: The chassis is not intended for short trailers hauling, it is just not able to couple with them), some accessories for this chassis, VNL630 (two variants of) to AI truck traffic;- Revised: compatibility of all the truck accessories with each other;
– Changed: truck model file (to separate cabin details from chassis ones in it), addresses for accessories (to prevent its messing up with similar in the other mods), mod’s internal name (in order it corresponds to the name of the real truck, but differs from that of default Volvo VNL’s), variants in companies, some icons, smth. else (do not remember it already);- Deleted: some useless files.blacksitearea

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