WISNIOWO MAP 2019 V1.1 / FS19 map


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WISNIOWO MAP 2019 V1.1 / FS19 map
WISNIOWO MAP 2019 V1.1 / FS19 map

Authors: wisnia

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Changes in
Version v1.1:1. Decreased weight map files that sometimes caused the box to work in the field.2. Reduced squares for farms.3. Added buildings to start in New Farmer mode.4. Biogas plants (fencing, road) have been improved.5. Many other less important cosmetic patches.I present to you my map of Wi?niowo 2019 4 × 4. The map is very large in area and has:- 61 surface-diverse fields (from 0.3 ha to 64 ha)- 69 commercial areas- in addition to the original purchases, some new ones have been added- several bale purchases- 3 large farm seats- missions also with grassand many other things that you will see yourself.The map was also tested on the dedication so due to its size it is perfect for playing in a few people.This is the first
Version of the map, report any errors I will correct them on a regular basis and will release new
Versions.The map can be used for other websites but the condition is to provide the author.When it comes to editing the map, it is allowed but only for your own use.Regards, have a nice game.

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