WONDERLAND MULTIFRUIT MP-READY V1.2.2.0 / FS19 map to download


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WONDERLAND MULTIFRUIT MP-READY V1.2.2.0 / FS19 map to download
WONDERLAND MULTIFRUIT MP-READY V1.2.2.0 / FS19 map to download

Authors: MN99

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Welcome to the Wonderland V1.1 (MP)
Version Multifruit MP-readyMultiplayer capableLog bug fixedDetails editedNitrado server testedThis is a Multi Fruit 4-fold map of the LS 2019It is decorated with many details, 33 field missions, 19 forests, traffic and lots of pedestrians. The fields have something for everyone, because some are helper friendly and others are as curved as the time required. Since the LS 2019 sets mainly on Placeable Objects, I have some large areas discretely camouflaged as a meadow are provided.There are:3 BGA’s with yard2 yards19 forests1 big city16 outlets1 point of purchase for lime, fertilizer, manure and manure at the nursery.33 field missions1 hop plantation1 sawmill7 gas stationsNew types of fruit are:hopwhite cabbageRed cabbageryeSpeltcarrotsoniontobaccoChanges V1.1:Log error correctedObjects can be placed againTraffic built inPedestrian installedAdded field missionsLand made purchasableSome floating trees removedNew waterplane of the riverMany details built in (sidewalks, fences, gates, hydrants …)Silo fruits processedSome dirt roads embellishedFault of gas stations fixed.Edged border strip texture of the roadChanges V1.2:Added: Lime, Compost, Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer, Seed Production, Pellet Production, Compound Feed Production, Pig Feed Production, Grass Drying,? 1 apple plantation? 1 pear plantation? 1 cherry plantation? 1 plum plantationFruits: ? flour? Sugar? Sand? Earth? gravel? compost? Apple? cherry? plum? pear? millet? pellets? mixed grain? alfalfa? sorghum millet? PoppyFor errors or suggestions for improvement please contact me.

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