XLFARMS X1 V1.0.0.3 / FS19 map


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XLFARMS X1 V1.0.0.3 / FS19 map
XLFARMS X1 V1.0.0.3 / FS19 map

Authors: Map by MoslessNeo Beta Tester: Bas Koster

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: This is the update for the XLFarms X1. We have many improvements and bug fixes.XLFarms X1 was a map created for the FS13
Version. Adapted to FS17 and converted to FS19.It is one of my favorite maps, by normal size, vast fields and pleasant topography.First playable
Version (ALPHA v1.0.0.0)Locomotives with 10 wagon grain and 5 wagon sugarbeets (BETA v1.0.0.1)Adjusted load capacity of grain elevators to 5,000,000L with daily cost of 0.005 / Liter (BETA v1.0.0.1)Removed invalid objects (BETA v1.0.0.1)Several bugs fixed (BETA v1.0.0.1)new PDA map (BETA v1.0.0.1)Removed objects in unusual places ( place for buying and selling animals ( modifications on the map ( fixes ( .i3d.plcMap ( collision map ( sell points with same name ( fixes ( log ( sizesField 1 : 36.85 haField 2 : 50.85 haField 3 : 36.85 haField 4 : 22.04 haField 5 : 23.14 haField 6 : 36.85 ha

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