YAGODNOE MAP V2.4.3 / FS19 map


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YAGODNOE MAP V2.4.3 / FS19 map
YAGODNOE MAP V2.4.3 / FS19 map

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FS19 maps description – information:
Description: The map Yagodnoe Village was created on a regular basis with the help of the village motives in the Trans-razor Neygoporod region.- 65 fields.- There are animals.Added / changed:1. Since there were problems with the display of the performance of animals, feeding the animals was done by default.2. The entrance to the grain elevator at base number 2 has been changed, the barrier has been removed, and gates have been added.3. Changed the sign “Store” that is in Perevoz, before the background was highlighted4. Reduced the sound on the production of feed for pigs.5. The sand loading trigger has been shifted to use the courseplay, but when recording a course, you have to work with selecting the beginning and end of the course, since he doesn’t always want to stop for download.Need to start a new game!The downloaded archive must be unpacked, the pack contains a map, a pack of objects (there is also a fuel selling point), and sugar production.

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