Yagodnoe v2.3 / FS19 map


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Yagodnoe v2.3 / FS19 map
Yagodnoe v2.3 / FS19 map

Authors: Aleksey Potanin

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Changes v2.3.0: Modified / Added: 1. Added sand and quarry, not as a production, as a point of purchase! (But there is a “freebie”, subject to the purchase of the site. 2. Added temporary storage in the transport company (for the convenience of transporting the products sold to other points of sale) 3. Changed the second entrance to the livestock complex. 4. Added trigger symbols 5. Fixed small jambs 6. Fixed a bug in launching the COURSE 7. Added another traffic in the area of ??the store buying equipment and grain elevator Your actions: 1. Download mode 2. Unzip file FS19_Yagodnoev_2.3_RASPAKOVATb.zip 3. Files FS19_Yagodnoe.zip and FS19PlaceAnywhere_master.zip added mods with s 4. Regarding PESKA, unfortunately I didn?t find any other options to add sand texture on the ground, I?ll have to add one folder to the game itself. How? I need to open the folder with the game. It is located in the Steam folder (it may be in different ways) the Steam folder, open the folders in the following order: Steam steamapps common Farming Simulator 19 data and copy the sand folder downloaded with the map to the data folder. Who plays on a dedicated server or multiplayer, the procedure is the same, everything works and is verified. 5. Save. You must first remove all that lies on the ground, seeds, fertilizers, grain crops, silage, straw, grass, etc. You need to open the save folder (located in the same folder as the mods folder) and open the items file through a regular notepad. It is also necessary to open the itemsFIX file in the Fix folder (attached to the map) and copy three lines from the itemsFIX file into the items file (in the save) in the lower part, it should turn out as in the screenshot. Next in the Fix folder there is a file terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm, it is simply thrown off the saved folder with replacement. Who starts the game again, such procedures are not necessary, except for the Sand!

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