YOGIPORT MAP MP V19.12 / FS19 map


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YOGIPORT MAP MP V19.12 / FS19 map
YOGIPORT MAP MP V19.12 / FS19 map

Authors: onkelyogi

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Yogiport is a modified Ravenport map with generous open spaces for yard construction and modified buildings.
Version 19.12 (mp)- There is no need to start a new game from
Version 19.11. This 19.12 is the final
Version of Yogiport- Trailers (bulk), trainwagon and transporter (augerwagon) now load all solids of this map- Hofsilo now accepts all substances (including liquids) of this card- Further patch 1.40 fixes, the following warnings remain and must be handled by Giants:WARNING: performing emergency garbage collection pass (proof imho utter nonsense, Giants thinks it’s great)Warning (physics): Non-cpu collision mesh for ‘horse_main_component1’ is being cooked at runtime (Only if you own a horse)- Revised sales outlets- Plan and effects revised- And as always: Fixed a lot of little things that would blow up this listing …The rar file must be unpacked and contains mod files, all of which must be inserted into the mods folder, as there are other, modified buildings in addition to the map.Under Videos you will find the map presentation in which the changes are presented:The following fields have been merged: 1 + 2, 20 + 21, 24 + 25 + 26Fields 12 + 13 cleared as open space for the yard and a grass meadow, terrain leveledAdditional trees planted for the timber industry in the northeastVarious modified buildings installed, functionalities see description in the shop or moddesc / xml in the building ModStart fields 6 + 7 reworked, field 6 empty and field 7 defined with harvest ripe wheatAround the yard sown abundant grass for mowingPrice display for mixed ration, chopped meat, pig feed and digestate insertedCard prepared for the special cutting units of the Krone Pack OYPoint of sale at the dairy for products that are nowhere or rarely accepted:manure forage chaff silage straw grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow digestate liquidManure pigFoodAll bushes and various decorative objects removedCollisions on street signs removed, so that they can not fly aroundAdditional light in the BGAWatch me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/onkelyogiSupport: https://discord.gg/5tUqKkr

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